Happy Clients & Customers


I initially chose UX Visions because I wanted a website designed for my business. I was so impressed with the results, not to mention how fast it took to get my website up and running. Since then I have used UX Visions to create a mobile app. Great company with excellent results!


Julie S.

Aug 2011

I don’t always review, but when I experience great service, I feel I should say something. I had both a mobile app and website designed by the UX Visions team. They were friendly yet passionate from the offset and keen to get the ball rolling. I was updated every step of the way and any revisions I required were completed quicker than I expected.


Craig M.

Aug 2011

You can’t get better than this company! I’ve worked with the Development Team for a number of mobile apps and find they produce superior results. They are very inquisitive with their questioning and leave no stone unturned when Gathering requirements for a project. I continue to be impressed!


Simon H.

Oct 2011

I finally was ready to launch my internet business but had no experience of web design. A friend of mine had recommended UX Visions and I’m glad they did. This website is everything I could have wanted and more. Also, thank you for offering a maintenance service. I get to to focus on doing what I love- selling my products.


Kate M.

Nov 2011

I’m a freelance Product Designer by trade and was in need of some user research for a project I was working on. UX Visions provided me with an in-depth report on my target audience, including pain points and recommendations for the persona. This was invaluable information which led to a successful project.


Matt K.

Feb 2012

I needed an e-commerce website designed using the Shopify platform. UX Visions was able to provide this for me including the specific Shopify apps that I had asked to be included. I found a provided a very efficient service. I would definitely use them again.


Scott D.

Apr 2012

I had two WordPress websites created by the UX Vision team. They are highly competent in what they’re doing am I based solely on the fact that both websites were developed quicker than I had anticipated. Great job!


Cameron J.

Jan 2013

I approached UX Visions for some UI designs for a mobile app that I had in the pipeline. I found the design team to be very creative and I was so pleased with the result, that I decided to have the team do the complete mobile app development. Very impressed.


Sam C.

Sept 2013

I was in need of a website for my startup and initially discovered UX Visions through Instagram. I like the design work that they were posting and was looking for something innovative and fresh for my website. I’m glad I chose this company and I would recommend them to a friend.


Austin W.

Mar 2014

I am no stranger to to this company as I’ve used them a couple times before. I would give UX Visions 5-stars as they provide a supreme service. They are great listeners and really pay attention to detail- always delivering what you want.


John F.

June 2014

I was recommended UX Visions from a mate at another company. Initially I needed ux research done for a particular website; however, after I’ve received the results I decided to go ahead and let the team designed the website for me based on the findings of the research. We received a lot of traction on the website they designed for us. Looking to do more business in the future.


Kyle P.

Jan 2015

I am a vlogger but found that I needed a blog to document more of my work and create a lifestyle brand. I chose UX Visions because I liked the art style that was showcased on their social media account and felt that it would fit my personal style. I’m happy with the website that was created and would recommend them.


Alison J.

Nov 2015

UX Visions has created 5 successful mobile apps for me in the past and are currently working on a sixth. They have great design thinking and a very knowledgeable in market trends.


Terry R.

Aug 2016

I had a website developed by UX Visions and feel that they exceeded my expectations. I have attracted great lead to my website and found that the websites SEO has generated great income for me. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.


Brett L.

Jul 2017

I had a mobile app designed by the team back in 2012 and just received a website they designed for me recently. UX Visions is a great service, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. Your experience shows in the work that you do. Do I would definitely recommend UX Visions.


Lesley C.

Oct 2017

I reached out to you UX Visions initially via Instagram as I liked the work that they were posting. They works with me to produce an eye-catching web design with all the mod cons. The team is very accommodating and cater to your every requirement. I’m glad I approached this company and would work with them again.


David G.

Apr 2018